The coalition behind the #CollegeForAll Fair has been intentional in its goals, to feature colleges and universities that are committed to access and equity, with a focus on first generation students, and those who come from low-income households.

To determine which institutions should be featured, we used the following sources and data points to measure an institution’s commitment to access and equity:

  1. First, any 4-year institution that guarantees to meet 100% demonstrated financial need for admitted students is invited to participate, regardless of other criteria. We felt this was one of the most important factors in creating this Fair, so that students can pursue their interest in these institutions and know they will receive a financial aid package that makes attendance feasible.

We also looked for an institution’s participation in third-party programs that require action from an institution to make attendance for first generation students easier and more likely, including:

  1. American Talent Initiative Members
  2. Coalition for College Members
  3. College Greenlight Partners
  4. FirstGen Forward Institutions
  5. Strive for College Partners

We also looked at which institutions were partners for prominent non-profits in this space, including:

  1. Questbridge
  2. Posse
  3. Ron Brown Scholars
  4. Chicago Scholars

And finally, we added an important two data points focused on equity:

  1. We looked at the College Equity Index, which was developed primarily to help Black high school students to decide where to apply to college. This index has 19 individual sources that were used in creating their assessment of each institution’s commitment to equity and anti-racism.
  2. We consulted the Scholar Match Honor Roll, a list of approximately 375 institutions which offer the most supportive environments for students whose families earn less than $50,000 per year.

If you are aware of other data sources our Coalition should take into account in our efforts at prioritizing and featuring institutions committed to access and equity, please contact us! We acknowledge this is our first year embarking on this initiative, and that we will continue to grow and refine this work in the coming years.

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